Caregiver Tuesday Tip: Sleep Well To Keep The Immune System Strong

The immune system is critical in fighting against all #disease, including #Covid19. We work hard to keep those in our care in fighting shape.
One area we focus on is #sleep, a critical element in maintaining a strong immune system. We avoid items with caffeine later in the day, such as coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. We also discourage alcohol consumption, which often increases anxiety and negatively impacts sleep.
Instead, we offer herbal tea because of it’s soothing properties, which can create sleepy feelings. Another option is warm milk, which can help a person to relax.
Another area of focus in making sleeping areas as comfortable as possible. We check the room temperature as well as accommodate personal needs when it comes to the bed, pillows, & sleeping attire. Finally, we make sure personal belongings are accessible that help people relax and think happier thoughts.
Having a regular bedtime routine helps. Also, avoiding anxiety causing activities before bed is important. So if bathing or putting on pajamas is difficult, we do these activities earlier.
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