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Keeping Seniors Safe, Comfortable, and Socially Connected

Keeping Seniors Safe, Comfortable, and Socially Connected

Yesterday, AEC Living was recognized on the for our work to keep residents and their friends and family socially connected while complying with the physical distancing safety recommendations for dealing with COVID-19.

In brief:

Waters Edge Lodge and Elders Inn are taking extreme precautions to limit the senior communities exposure to COVID-19. Both buildings are monitoring residents and staff daily for the virus. And it’s working. Both communities continue to report no residents or staff members have symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19. It’s a testament to strict policies, safety measures, extra cleaning, social distancing, and staff who continue to work diligently to keep residents safe and as comfortable during this time. See more on that here.

The creativity in finding solutions is what people find interesting. The staff goes to great lengths to keep seniors physically distanced, but socially connected. AEC Living, the company behind these two residences, is building programs to help seniors stay in touch with each other and their friends and family on the outside.

Find the full article here.

We take great pride in the efforts we’ve made, and continue to make, to keep social connections thriving. If you want to connect with our residents, to increase their (and your) social life, please contact us.