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    A tradition of caring for seniors

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A tradition of caring for seniors

The Zimmerman Family has been caring for seniors in Alameda since 1971. With almost 50 years of experience in the senior care industry, they have successfully built and operated some of the most innovative and well regarded skilled nursing and assisted living communities in the East Bay, including Waters Edge Nursing Home, Waters Edge Lodge, and Elders Inn.

Each member of the Zimmerman Family brings their own experience and expertise to AEC Living. Christian Zimmerman started his caring career as an ambulance driver before opening Waters Edge Nursing Home. Darnelle Zimmerman, is a Registered Nurse, public health nurse, and a DON who has worked in geriatrics since 1979. Lauren Zimmerman Cook has been working with seniors since 1996 and holds, among her many degrees and certifications, licenses for nursing home administration and RCFE administration, as well as a masters in geriatrics. Stephen Zimmerman, is also a licensed RCFE administrator with a masters in geriatrics.

Their extensive experience in meeting the unique and changing needs of older adults is the reason AEC Living keeps growing and evolving; each new component of AEC Living has come into existence because the Zimmermans have been able to use their combined experience and education to see some way that the current approach to the needs of local seniors can be improved – some way the services provided can help make a senior’s life better.

We support seniors throughout the East Bay

AEC Living is a group of independently operated senior services including assisted living communities, independent co-housing, a medicare-approved outpatient rehabilitation agency, and a home care agency, each developed by the Zimmerman family to serve the needs of seniors in the East Bay. Waters Edge Lodge, Elders Inn, Phoenix Commons, AES Therapy & Fitness, and AEC Home Care all complement each other to provide a continuum of services designed to promote quality of life, and help every resident and client achieve the greatest level independence.

Elder Village Development designs and builds senior living options that create easy access without sacrificing pleasant amenities for functionality. Alameda Senior Magazine is an educational publication devoted to those topics of most interest to local seniors and their caregivers.

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