Ms. Zanusso a story of Courage and Faith.

As we approach five months since the COVID-19 Shelter in Place was first instituted, the world has been inundated with significant stories of people who didn’t make it through the pandemic.

The vast majority of those who have perished, were seniors and they continue to be the largest at risk population.  Despite all of the sickness, pain, uncertainty, and grief that this pandemic has delivered, we can be encouraged and lifted up by the many inspiring stories of folks that have recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

One such story is that of Ada Zanusso of Lessona Italy. Ms. Zanusso is 103 years old and she survived the COVID-19 virus. She was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus  back in March 2020 and modestly describes her illness  as “I had some fever.”  Her doctor said that Ms Zanusso  was in the bed for a week.

” We hydrated her because she wasn’t eating, and then we thought she wasn’t going to make it because she was always drowsy and not reacting,”Furno Marchese said.

“One day she opened her eyes again and resumed doing what she used to before, “Furno Marchese said.  The doctor recalled when Zanusso was able to sit up, then managed to get out of the bed.

Ms. Zanusso, who turns 104 on August 16th, attributes her COVID-19 recovery to Courage, Strength,and Faith.  She says ” It worked for her, so she advises others who fall ill to also “give yourself courage, have faith.”