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Caregiver Tuesday: Sharpen The Mind, Work At Keeping Your Mind As Fit & Sharp As Possible

Seniors can practice good mental health habits.  Here are some simple guidelines that can even be adapted to the abilities of the frail and the cognitively impaired.
±  Make decisions.  The process of working through information and situations, then reaching a conclusion, sharpens the mind and adds to one’s independence.
±  Get going.  Movement and exercise help

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Wellness Wednesday, the Power of Positivity.

Did you know that staying positive can lower the level of stress in your life? It can also improve your psychological and physical being because it affects your outlook on life. For #wellnesswednesday this week, let’s keep things simple: offer more smiles than frowns, more assistance than criticism, and make more friends than enemies. My

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Thriving With Parkinson’s

One of our favorite therapy classes on offer for seniors in our community is now a year-round class.

We’re very proud and excited about our Thriving With #Parkinsons Class, which has been in the past, usually been a seasonal class but now our class is offered year round!
At $40 a month, it’s actually a small

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