#FAQFriday.. Staying Active, what does that mean?

We’re constantly after the idea of staying active, so much that it is something of an unwritten motto for AEC Living in general. A little bit of everything we do is trying to keep our seniors active and engaged. And as they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Being physically active helps reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s, an active mind delays the onset of cognitive impairment, an active heart reduces cardio vascular disease, not to mention the improvement in mood/ reduction of stress…and the list goes on and on.
So you say ‘stay active’ but what does that really mean?
Well it could mean anything really that involves moderately physical or mental work.. and it doesn’t exactly have to mean being slave to a Stairmaster or treadmill.. It could mean keeping your hands from getting arthritic by putting them in warm dirt and catching a little vitamin D from the sun (with sunscreen of course!).
Take up online chess and show that guy from Lithuania what you’re made of. Guarantee they haven’t played that move that you’re taught when you were a kid.
Go for a a bit of a walk around your neighborhood, see what’s happening around sunset since we’re having such unseasonably great weather this time of year.. (stay six feet away from other folks though and bring a mask.)
Put on your favorite up-tempo song and do some dancing while cleaning up your house. Your mood will be boosted after a job well done and you’ll have that glow from busting out your favorite moves.
Get in a good light stretch.. If you’ve been napping or in your favorite chair it feels good to get the blood back in the muscles.. just take a little bit more effort and make sure all muscles aren’t stiff and you’re ready to get your a-game on.
So as you can see, staying active is easy but sometimes it helps to keep momentum up or having to push yourself to get the ball rolling but do remember that a ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ so keep moving and staying active.. maybe write down what you can do to stay active today and make it a healthy habit?
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