Caregiver Tuesday: Sharpen The Mind, Work At Keeping Your Mind As Fit & Sharp As Possible

Seniors can practice good mental health habits.  Here are some simple guidelines that can even be adapted to the abilities of the frail and the cognitively impaired.

±  Make decisions.  The process of working through information and situations, then reaching a conclusion, sharpens the mind and adds to one’s independence.

±  Get going.  Movement and exercise help to keep the mind fit, as well as the body.

±  Communicate and socialize.   Interact with other people – talk, sign or write.  Inquire, exchange ideas and express feelings.  If you are alone, join in the activities of local senior centers, community clubs or church groups.

±  Keep learning.  You’re never too old to try a new recipe, start a new hobby or listen to an interesting speaker.  Stimulating the mind increases self-esteem, decreases boredom, adds excitement and builds confidence.

(Sources:  American Assn. of Geriatric Psychology, American Psychiatric Assn., CDC)