Angie T. Celebrates Year 19

Angie is one of the faces at Elders Inn that make up the backbone in the Medical support team. Angie has been a Senior Med Tech at Elders Inn longer than I can remember, which is most likely since 2002.. (idk, is 2002 hazy for you too?) and through it all, she’s been the one our nursing staff has relied on the most. She’s steadfast, accurate, strong and caring, basically more than you could ever ask for as a med tech. Angie’s vast experience in the Inn leads her to being asked for advice, and also the person to ask if a resident is having a problem.. if Nursing staff has a need for an update on the condition of a resident, Angie’s opinion is a critical component in the makeup of a resident’s care review. Since a lot of Angie’s observations are due to first-hand contact with a resident and can corroborate a Nurse’s expert opinion on the level of care for any resident. It’s the experience that Angie brings to The Inn that has made her an invaluable team member and we’re again very fortunate to have such a strong and knowledgeable member of our staff on board.

Thanks so much for being with us, Angie!