FAQ Friday: “How’s the food?”

“How’s the food? ” is one of the most frequently asked questions that families and prospective residents have when touring an assisted living community.  Everyone loves their favorite restaurant because those chefs make gourmet dishes that are often loaded with lots of butter and salt.  Assisted living communities are required to provide residents with menu choices that fulfill the residents’ physician-ordered diets and help them to stay healthy.

Recipes for Assisted Living communities are selected to intentionally limit the amount of salt and butter.  To compensate for the mandate to cook with ingredients which have no added salt and limited amounts of fats and oils, our cooks use other delicious spices and seasonings. We always prefer to opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and also offer multiple choices and personalized options for variety.

We’re especially fortunate at AEC Living that we serve ice cream, sorbet and sherbet from Tucker’s Ice Cream, an Alameda ice cream shop with a history of serving the finest ice cream for more than 70 years.