Hail to the Chief Nursing Officer, Darnelle celebrates her 41st year at AEC Living.

Darnelle is very much the heart of the company, her efforts as our Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Nursing have led to the improved health of so many people over the years. Without her leadership and guidance, our nursing staff would have a much harder time managing the day to day affairs of our facilities. It’s not so much that Darnelle is merely a dedicated employee and central figure to our company, its that she loves every aspect of it so much. She could very much sit back and look back on a great career in health, satisfied that she has made a real impact on the lives of so many, but she just can’t stop. It’s the joy that the work brings and the happiness of others that keeps her at it every day.

Thank you Darnelle for another year with us, and here’s to many, many more.