Why is NOW a GOOD time to move to an Assisted Living community?

In another installment of our #FAQFriday series. We look at why is NOW a GOOD time to move to an #AssistedLiving community.
It is understandable that family and friends have concerns and are very hesitant to make a move to an Assisted Living community, however, the current pandemic situation is actually a good reason to move a senior to a well-run, safe assisted living community sooner rather than later. Seniors, particularly the very #elderly, are most at risk for both contracting the COVID-19 virus and having much worse outcomes when they do get sick.
Our procedures at AEC Living protect our residents and help keep them safe and healthy. These practices include a ban on in-person visiting (only medical professionals and staff/employees are allowed inside our communities and only after outside hand washing, completion of a health questionnaire and a temperature check, too.) These safety precautions are necessary and really should be the standard for #seniors who are staying in their own homes as well. It is a natural desire to want to visit our elderly loved ones, however it can put them at extreme risk.
Health professionals agree that it is very likely that the need for pandemic safety measures for the most at-risk age group (our seniors) will continue for an extended time, probably until a proven vaccine is readily available. Also,the majority of knowledgeable health professionals are limiting visits to their own elder family members, even those elders who are as young as 60 or 65 plus. In fact, health professionals who work in contact with anyone who may have #COVID19 exposure are practicing additional safety measures at their own homes to protect all their loved ones, no matter how young or old.
When we think about how fragile the health of your parent may be at this time, we realize it is a tough time to be isolated from family and friends, but if he or she were living in our community, our staff would be managing her needs, supervising her medications, providing healthy meals and snacks, making sure she is exercising, supervising her needs like showers, toileting,& dressing, as needed. She would have nurse oversight and supervision of her overall physical and psychological health & safety and she would have the social support of her new community’s residents, too.
You and your entire family would be free to focus on being there for her over the phone and through iPad visits, sending her cards, notes, photographs, flowers, and other supportive efforts while you could more easily work at home, protect your own health and manage your immediate family’s needs and daily living activities. By living with us, at Waters Edge Lodge or Elders Inn, she or he would have our team on site and your family, strong and safe at home, to support them.