FAQ Friday: How can I help my parent with dementia?

When a parent has a diagnosis of dementia, our AEC Living community, has a Memory Care area called “The Garden”, which provides excellent care for our residents. Our caregivers there are well trained in assisting seniors with dementia to accomplish the activities of daily living and in encouraging them in the pursuit of good health and joy. Our Community Living Specialists can help you determine if Elders Inn is a good match for your parent’s needs.

10 Tips for Dementia Care come from Jo Huey, The Alzheimer’s Advocate:
1. Agree, never argue.
2. Divert, never reason.
3. Distract, never shame.
4. Reassure, never lecture.
5. Reminisce, never say “remember”.
6. Repeat, never say, “I told you”.
7. Do what they can do, never say “you can’t”.
8. Ask, never demand.
9. Encourage, never condescend.
10. Reinforce, never force.