FAQ Friday: SNF vs. RCFE, What’s the Difference?

#FAQFriday One of the most common and confusing Issues that come with seeking a residency for an elderly loved one or someone who needs more care than can be provided at home, is what’s the difference between Skilled Nursing Facility and an Assisted Living Facility/RCFE?
On the surface some things seem the same and Elders Inn does provide a good deal more care than a regular RCFE does, but what are the differences?
One of the biggest differences is an ability to walk and transfer from bed to wheelchair. If a resident is in good health, somewhat dependent on a wheelchair to get around but can transfer and is in a good place to receive therapy to get them out of that said chair then an Assisted Living is a good place to help provide a place for recovery and/or become a “long term care” resident.
Whereas Skilled Nursing Residents are often wheelchair bound, bedridden, and in not such a great state of health. SNF Residents need quite a lot more help and are far more dependent on the caregivers, CNAs and Nurses that are assigned to the residents.
Another difference between a SNF and an RCFE is the idea of Short Term vs Long Term care. Ideally, if you’re in a Skilled Nursing Facility it is a for a temporary situation, such as a fractured hip, surgery recovery, or recovery from a very bad accident where a hospital cannot afford to occupy the extra bed, where a SNF could provide more detailed 24 hour care. Long Term Care, in an Assisted living environment, the resident is looking for a place to live that provides extra help when needed, such as medication management, reminders to head to mealtimes, and some assistance with grooming and hygiene, that for whatever the reason the prospective resident is just not able to do anymore on their own at home, even with help.
And lastly one of the more positive aspects of Assisted Living is that it provides an environment where fellow seniors can be among their own peers and be in a supportive environment, with the ability to make new friends and share in the experience of aging successfully together. Whereas Skilled Nursing is a challenging choice that has to be made based on the needs of the resident’s health concerns.
There are for sure more differences between each of them, so if you have further questions, be sure to talk with Michael, who is our Community Living Specialist who would be more than happy you reached out.