FAQ Friday: What is a Caregiver?

FAQ Friday What is a Caregiver?
Today’s FAQ Friday has us answering a question that might be a confusing because at times the definition of a caregiver can be a bit vague. To a lot of people a caregiver is someone who is a licensed professional such as a nurse or a #CNA.. but the definition of a caregiver can be given to anyone who has the job vested in them of the care of another. Caregivers can be a son who adopted the role when their mother or father temporarily became sick. Caregivers can be #Doctors, or Physical Therapists, a Neighbor who looks out for their friend, or a #Pastor who is interested in continued emotional support of a fellow within their church. The key to understanding the term caregiver is #responsibility.. since the assumption of #caregiving can be thrust upon another person unwittingly at times. It is helpful to understand that with any great responsibility you take on for another, you become a caregiver for that person, even if it’s assisting as a #fiduciary supporting a family member from many miles away.
In the confusion of taking on such a role, some people place themselves into very difficult responsibilities that they were not prepared for as a caregiver. What seems to be a temporary role to you, that you considered generous at the time, can be something that becomes taxing or invasive in your daily life, and it becomes a legal duty to support them. Fortunately things don’t have to be so dire and a lot of family caregivers who do find themselves faced with difficult choices in their life have options and can receive help from professional services and licensed caregivers who have fulfilled the traditionally considered roles. If you feel stuck, or have been in a place where you don’t feel you can provide an adequate amount of care for a loved one.. you’re not alone and it’s an honest and import statement to say that you need help caring for your friend relative or loved one. No amount of pride should come between you and the life of another.
Feel free to reach out if you need to, we’re always available to assess your needs and level of care for someone you care for. We’re always happy to answer your questions or help you get off on the right foot. ♡