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FAQ Friday: What is a Caregiver?


FAQ Friday What is a Caregiver?

Today’s FAQ Friday has us answering a question that might be a confusing because at times the definition of a caregiver can be a bit vague. To a lot of people a caregiver is someone who is a licensed professional such as a

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FAQ Friday: How are RCFEs Regulated and Licensed in California?

#FAQFriday: How are RCFEs Regulated and Licensed in California?

A ‘frequently asked question’? Well not necessarily, but it’s something the average Joe or Jane should know. According to CALA, The California Assisting Living Association.. “Assisted Living communities are licensed by the California Department of Social Services (DSS) Community Care Licensing Department (CCLD)

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FAQ Friday: How can I help my parent with dementia?

When a parent has a diagnosis of dementia, our AEC Living community, has a Memory Care area called “The Garden”, which provides excellent care for our residents. Our caregivers there are well trained in assisting seniors with dementia to accomplish the activities of daily living and in encouraging them in the pursuit of good health

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FAQ Friday

What is Leisure Living?
Leisure Living at Waters Edge Lodge is designed for active seniors who long for the social aspects of community living, but don’t need the services included with assisted living. Leisure Living residents are able to enjoy the same caring staff, beautiful gardens, majestic views overlooking the lagoons, and an exceptional activities

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FAQ Friday: “How’s the food?”

“How’s the food? ” is one of the most frequently asked questions that families and prospective residents have when touring an assisted living community.  Everyone loves their favorite restaurant because those chefs make gourmet dishes that are often loaded with lots of butter and salt.  Assisted living communities are required to provide residents with menu

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