Doctor of Audiology, Anish Thakkar speaks at our most recent Elders Village Talk

As part of our ongoing talks at Mastick Senior Center featuring a wide variety of informative lectures, we have included in this month a topic of great importance to many seniors; hearing loss. Not exactly something that comes along with old age, hearing loss isn’t something that should be expected as coming with the territory of old age. With assistance and guidance, hearing loss can be prevented and minimized, and with proper understanding, current sufferers of hearing loss can come to terms with their hearing loss and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Anish Thakkar, AU.D from the Hearing Zone in Alameda stopped by our most recent Elders Village talk at Mastick Senior Center to talk about the science behind hearing loss. In addition to revealing the effects and dealing with hearing loss, Dr. Thakkar went on to describe the fascinating science behind each of the conditions that present themselves as hearing loss. The talk was well received and we look forward to hearing from Dr. Thakkar in the near future.

If you’re suffering or suspect that you’re losing your hearing, please do get a check-up at the Hearing Zone on  2314 Central Ave, Alameda, and do what you can to prevent and treat hearing loss.