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Healthy Seniors: Video Highlights AEC COVID-19 Protocols

Our senior residents remain healthy and coronavirus free. While the entire country continues to be impacted by COVID-19, AEC Living offers safe living options for seniors.

We have instituted new policies and activities to ensure our residents are physically distant but active and socially connected. Watch an interview with our CEO, Lauren Zimmerman Cook, & COO, Stephen Zimmerman, in which they discuss what we are doing to keep our seniors healthy and our staff safe during this difficult time.

We have been proactive about screening and taking precautions to protect the health of our residents and staff.

  • Staff and residents have to wash their  hands regularly
  • We have disinfecting mats everyone walks on before they come in the building
  • Everyone wears a mask when in common areas of the building or providing/receiving care
  • Activities staff works hard to keep everyone engaged and active
  • Fitness staff adapted classes so everyone can still exercise (healthy seniors are happy seniors!)
  • Families can see each other and visit at our indoor/outdoor visiting stations
  • We continue to celebrate life with birthday parites and other milestones
  • If someone leaves the building for a medical reason, they come back on a two-week monitored “readmission” period while their health and temperature is monitored at least four times a day
  • Corporate office is working hard to keep up regular communication with families to make sure they stay “in the loop”
  • We have increased staffing and the presence of Admin level help in the  buildings
  • We’ve taken extra care to make sure our staff has their personal needs met during this difficult time
  • Administrators are keeping up with near constant updates from the state