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Ms. Zanusso a story of Courage and Faith.

As we approach five months since the COVID-19 Shelter in Place was first instituted, the world has been inundated with significant stories of people who didn’t make it through the pandemic.
The vast majority of those who have perished, were seniors and they continue to be the largest at risk population.  Despite all of the sickness, pain, uncertainty,

Wearing the Right Shoes is Important

Why does wearing the right shoes matter? As people age, their bones and muscles weaken and their hand and eye coordination become diminished. These factors can contribute to a senior losing their balance and falling with the possibility of serious injury.
Wearing the right shoes can play an important role in helping seniors to reduce

What is Hospice Care and How Can AEC Living Help?

What is Hospice Care?
It’s a specialized and compassioned kind of care focused on helping individuals and their caregivers who have been diagnosed with an advanced, life limiting illness.   Typically, for people who have an incurable disease, hospice is often recommended when they are expected to live six months or less.  There are cases where

How to Stay Active During the Shelter-in-Place

Since the COVID-19 Shelter-in-place order was implemented on March 17th, it has become increasingly more challenging to stay active and mentally engaged. Especially now that we are significantly limiting our daily exposure to others as the COVID-19 Virus spreads across the state and the nation. Gyms and fitness facilities are closed to the general public