Elders Village: Laughter Yoga

Who knew that laughter could make you bust up at the seams? Well, our latest Elders Village talk taught our fellow senior friends at Mastick that a bit of side splitting laughter was a great way to open up your lungs, brighten up the color in your cheeks and waken up your spirit. The only real danger and side effect here is that once you start laughing, it may become contagious and you could die laughing.. -wait, no. ( <_<)

Actually, the truth behind it is that laughter really is the best medicine. Alysa, our Therapist from AES Therapy and Fitness taught us that dopamine from laughing can lessen the sensation of pain in the body, laughing with friends can help get a sense of community and peace, -leading to a greater sense of emotional stability, and laughing is a great way to get oxygen into the blood stream and aid in cardiovascular activity. Plus it’s great fun when you can see your neighbor Clarence spit milk from his nose when you told him how much fun you had at our last Elders Village talk. 👍