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Keeping Seniors Safe, Comfortable, and Socially Connected

Keeping Seniors Safe, Comfortable, and Socially Connected
Yesterday, AEC Living was recognized on the patch.com for our work to keep residents and their friends and family socially connected while complying with the physical distancing safety recommendations for dealing with COVID-19.
In brief:
Waters Edge Lodge and Elders Inn are taking extreme precautions to limit the

4 Years for Stephen A

Hipp Hipp Hurray it’s four years for Stephen A! Stephen marks his fourth anniversary with Waters Edge Lodge. He started as wait staff, and is now an essential member of the Environmental Services Team. Stephen helps keep the Lodge clean and is still willing to lend a hand in the dining room when he can.

Ruth D Celebrates 2 Years

Ruth D celebrates two years with AEC Living! She has spent the last two years at both the Lodge and Elders Inn as the PM Med Nurse, and boy  are we glad to have her. Dedicated to her craft, Ruth is a wonderful addition to the nursing team. Congratulations Ruth!

5 years In the Bag for Deepa

Today we celebrate Deepa K’s 5th anniversary with AEC Living! A dedicated caregiver, Deepa started as a PCA at Elders Inn where she stayed for 2 years before moving to the Lodge as a PCA, Med Aide flip. She is now back at Elders Inn as a regular Med-Aide and we’re happy to have her.

Congratulations Marie!

Congratulations to Marie L.C., who is celebrating her 5th anniversary with AEC Living! Marie started out as a Med Aide at the Lodge and rose through the ranks to become Associate Administrator through our inaugural Associate Administrator training program