Alysa Stanford Interviewed on the Subject of Parkinsons for Healthline Magazine

Our own Alysa Stanford was quoted in Healthline Magazine sharing her expertise on exercise and its effect on Parkinson’s.
“I think exercise is the number one way to combat this disease,” said Stanford. “At the end of the day, medications are managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s but not helping the body produce any dopamine on its own. The way we’re going to improve the quality of life and speech and affect is through exercise.”
Parkinsons is a debilitating disease that affects 60,000 Americans each year. Exercise and therapy has been proven as a method to slowdown the effects of the disease. Our therapists have been trained specifically to combat and promote an active lifestyle that includes a Parkinsons focused exercise regimen provided by our staff.
Our residents and members of the community are fortunate that Alysa and the other wellness professionals of AES Therapy and Fitness share their expertise to fight this disease that affects so many people.

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