We Celebrate Greatly Sandy D’s 5th year after she joined AES Therapy & Fitness

4 years..? something suspect about this.. since it seems like Sandra D. (affectionately known as Sandy) has been with us in our accounting team for ages before at the Waters Edge Nursing Home as the lead accountant there for quite a bit longer than 14 years.. but technically it’s only been 5 years since she’s been with us at AEC and AES Therapy & Fitness. From the time and experience garnered at WENH, Sandy’s been an integral part of the billing process at AES Therapy. She was rehired as our Medical Billing Specialist for AES directly because she’s had such a strong and diligent background hunting down insurance policies and slicing through the bureaucratic red tape of Medicare to keep our residents and senior community from being overcharged for the services they desperately need. If there’s anyone you want in your corner when it comes to fighting for the Medicare you’ve paid into your whole life, it’s gotta be Sandy. It’s because she’s tough and persistent and knows just the right thing to do to make sure your bills get paid and your co-pay isn’t heart attack inducing. ♡ 📈

Great job Sandra, you’re an asset to the team, and we appreciate your work very much!