Tiers Transcends Year 1 at AEC Living

Tiers arrived at The Waters Edge Lodge as a young and sparky evening receptionist with an exceptional professional attitude that quickly won over the residents and staff alike. You might think we’re just saying that, but Tiers became so well liked and respected that he won a company award for his meritorious conduct and found himself rolling with the punchlines and snickering it up while offering snickers to all of our residents almost immediately. When calling the Lodge you always found yourself in touch with a league professional who had utmost control over the position and had the respect and admiration of the entire building. Recrently, Tiers has transitioned from the Lodge to AES, where he is currently covering the position of Office Manager.

It’s been a true honor to have Tiers with us as we celebrate this anniversary. We extend our sincere and unbounded appreciation for your work. Thank you!