Seniors: Beating the Heat

Such drastic weather changes this past week going from 65 most of the spring to 105 in the valley and 99 in the East Bay.. foosh ☀️!!  In summer and late spring, warm weather is expected, and often welcome, but when it comes on sudden and very strong, it can be a very dangerous situation for seniors… who are on thickened liquid diets, are on medications that cause dry mouth or affect the body’s ability to sweat/control body temperature. Not to mention that an elderly person has a poorer ability to contend with temperature extremes than a younger person would. But what can we do as caregivers to help create a supportive environment and relieve the factors that contribute to heat stress?

According to the CDC we should:

Keep a close eye on those in your care by visiting them at least twice a day, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they drinking enough water?
  • Do they have access to air conditioning?
  • Do they know how to keep cool?
  • Do they show any signs of heat stress?

This is where as a caregiver, your state mandatory in-service training becomes handy.. but here’s a refresher on the signs of Heat Stress.

Thankfully in the coming week it’s going to be some of the nicest weather of the year but most assuredly the traditional Bay Area Summer is in September where usually the heat puts in a heavy couple weeks before it gives in to Autumn. In some ways, this past week may be a good chance to get familiar with what may lay ahead in the coming months.