Handwashing stations Added to Fight COVID-19 at The Waters Edge Lodge

We’ve all seen those hand sanitizing kiosks popping up around Alameda.  But now, everyone is realizing it’s good old honest-to-goodness soap and water that’s fighting the COVID-19 bug best. That’s why we’ve set a full hand washing station at the entrance to the Waters Edge Lodge. (Don’t worry friends of Elders Inn, there’s one headed

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COVID-19 Communications Update Sunday 3/15/2020

No one including Residents or Staff have shown any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
We have received additional guidelines from the CA Department of Health and CA Department of Social Services, so we are implementing additional protocols.

We have increased the risk to level ORANGE. The virus is not present, but in accordance with the new precautions

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safe hire

Safely Hire a Home Care Provider

How to safely hire someone to help around the home has been a concern for as long as people having been employing others for assistance. Finding the right person can be time consuming and filled with challenges. If you knew people who could help or where to look, they’d already be helping. So, at some point

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Seniors: Beating the Heat

Such drastic weather changes this past week going from 65 most of the spring to 105 in the valley and 99 in the East Bay.. foosh ☀️!!  In summer and late spring, warm weather is expected, and often welcome, but when it comes on sudden and very strong, it can be a very dangerous situation for

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Senior Health and Fitness Day Tomorrow!

As originally featured in the Patch by Carolyn Avery
Please join the 26th annual Senior Health & Fitness Day for seniors and their families on Wednesday, May 29th from 1pm to 3 pm at Mastick Senior Center at 1155 Santa Clara Ave. in Alameda. RSVP here.
This event is part of a nationwide celebration of senior fitness.

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