Resident Nailcare Still Remains Important Even While Our Beauticians Are Away.

Some of us are looking at ourselves in quarantine and saying gosh it’s been a while since I hit the salon. (eep!)
While we can put our hair back, stuff our 70s haircut under a hat, or trim our nails after a bath.. but for some residents pedicures are a must to maintain the health of a resident and keep them active. A senior with their feet taken out from under them because they cannot fit into their shoes, or have a minor issue causing them discomfort may mean that they start favoring a leg, and their bad knee starts acting up and so forth. That’s why it’s very important that we make sure to take our Residents’ footcare seriously.
Here we see, Sarah V with AEC Home Care doing what she can while our regular visiting Hair & Nail Salon beauticians remain safely away from the facility.