COVID-19 Communications Update Sunday 3/15/2020

No one including Residents or Staff have shown any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

We have received additional guidelines from the CA Department of Health and CA Department of Social Services, so we are implementing additional protocols.

We have increased the risk to level ORANGE. The virus is not present, but in accordance with the new precautions issued by the CA Dept of Social Services, we have now implemented the following protocols to limit the risk of exposure to our Residents and Staff:

*Visitors and outside contractors are limited to only medically necessary visits.
*Residents, and visitors coming for medically necessary purposes, must enter through the front entrance of the building.
*All visitors and residents must wash their hands at the hand washing station before being buzzed in through the front door.
*Everyone, including staff and residents, must complete the COVID-19 screening before signing in to the building; click here for an example of the screening form.
*The Dining Room is closed, and we have stopped communal dining, all meals will be delivered to residents to their rooms.
*We are asking all Residents to  self-quarantine, and we will be enforcing social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet between each person.


If a resident’s family or responsible party would like to take the resident home at this time we ask that they call the nurse so that we can prepare all medications and properly document the temporary move out.  Please note that any resident who goes to live outside of the community, will not be permitted to come back to the community until the risk of the virus has subsided, the returning resident is confirmed to not have the virus, and we are able to resume normal care operations.

As a reminder, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreaks and will adjust our precautions as recommended by our various regulatory agencies.   Throughout this event, we are reminding everyone to consider their own risk and please let us know if anyone in your family has been exposed.