Lisa H. is heralded as our Heroic Administrative Clerk After Her Fourth Year

Lisa has that quiet administrative experience that always shows up whenever you need it. I would be easy to say that Lisa can be underestimated because she’s so quiet and unassuming. But behind that desk, she knocks out project after project, and she’s shown that she has the experience to back it up. As a former long-term employee with the phone company, Lisa used to be a big reason why our AES Therapy division ran so smoothly, and now Lisa is now managing our back offices out at The Elders Inn and also taking care of a lot of the behind the scenes work that most people don’t see. That’s a great relief to our company and one less worry to deal with when managing a continuously growing company paperwork. Lisa’s just one of the pieces of the puzzle that makes our company successful at AEC Living and we’re grateful to have her there every day.

Thanks for being there for us Lisa, our sincerest appreciation!