Bill T. Sweeps up his Third Year as Janitor at The Waters Edge Lodge

Bill’s work often goes unnoticed.. In the past he was one of the invisible forces that kept all the resident’s laundry neat and fresh, now Bill spends his time as a janitor keeping the halls and bathrooms neat and tidy.

Now let’s make this clear, even though Bill’s work goes unnoticed, that’s a good thing.. because a dirty floor, unhygienic bathroom, crumbs under the tables, and also I suppose not fully washed laundry make for some very noticeable faults in one’s work. In a sense good work is somewhat expected the standard, and inevitably invisible. That’s why when we say when Bill’s work goes unnoticed, that’s entirely a good thing because Bill keeps up the high standards set by the State of California and our Administration for hygiene in a healthcare facility. Without Bill we would stop to notice how much we would have missed his work.

Thank you bill for all the work you do that keeps us ship shape at The Waters Edge Lodge. We celebrate your work anniversary today.