Enrique R. Marks an Official 6 years with AEC Living.

Enrique is our current administrator at the Elders Inn who has taken over for Marie L., as Marie has taken up the reigns at The Lodge to garner a fresh perspective for bettering the care of our residents..

For some, Enrique may have emerged from the clear blue sky, but for those who’ve had the privilege of working with him for many years, he’s ‘heaven-sent,’ as an administrator who’s been with the AEC Living Family for many years. Initially, Enrique got his start as the rock from which the Waters Edge Nursing Home (WENH) laid its foundation. It was a role that our founder, Chris knew very well since Chris founded our company in the very same position and Enrique was very much the closest, qualified and most trusted administrator to hold the SNF together. When it came time to let our holdings in the WENH go in 2012, as a good captain, Enrique stood with the ship. The years rolled by and Enrique had moved on from WENH and it was by chance we saw that Enrique was free and we courted him to take on the lead administrator position at the Waters Edge Lodge. Now it seems we are back full circle with an experienced administrator that works closely with our staff to make sure all tasks needed of the staff are accomplished with hospital efficiency and order… But most of all, it’s great to have him with us as part of the AEC Living Family and we’ll continue to celebrate his efforts throughout the years.

Congratulations on being there for us these many years and we’ll always be there for you.