Maria V. Unveils Marvelous 11 years of Dedicated Service as PCA at Elders Inn

Maria is a friend, PCA and is very much a part of the family of PCAs working together at keeping the quality of life tip top for residents at Elders Inn.  She’s celebrating 11 whole years as a PCA in Buena Vista and the Garden Neighborhoods. Her way isn’t forceful or hard, she very much is a sweet person who gently coaxes our residents on the right path.. A resident may be wandering or slow to move, but Maria will always take the extra time to be patient and guide her residents with a steady hand and a watchful, caring eye. Equally loved by the residents, family, staff, and administration, we take time today to honor one of our finest PCAs in our Elders Inn and AEC Living family.

Hats off and throw them way up to the sky for our dear Maria! Congrats for 11 years with AEC Living and Elders Inn! <3