Ryan H. Heralds Another Year as Environmental Services Manager.

We can’t tell you exactly what it’s like to have Ryan here.. but it’s been a breath of fresh air to have Ryan here to help and do whatever it takes to get the job done, and to have that super and upbeat spirit all while doing it. Whatever it takes, from helping to replace flashing at Pheonix commons to repair projects at the Lodge or the Inn, Ryan’s always there with determination and an incredibly positive attitude. It’s obvious that Ryan loves to help the Elderly and becomes instant friends with everyone he meets. To have that kind of person around brings up the mood of every room he’s in and the concern for whatever’s wrong with it is just gone (even if it’s a deluge from the sink), just as soon as he’s there.

This one goes out to a real team player and an invaluable asset to our community. Congrats!