Our Founder Chris Zimmerman is Celebrating 50 years as Leader and Inspiration of AEC Living

It’s a Golden anniversary for Chris Zimmerman, and our Company today! Chris is many things, foremost the founder of our company when he was just a young man as the head of the Waters Edge Nursing home, Brother to Jeff, our esteemed Architect who has built the Lodge,  the Inn, and Phoenix Commons, husband to Darnelle our Director of Nursing, father to our current executive officers, Lauren and Stephen, and grandfather to Abby.. Chris is not only the patriarch and founder to the wonderful Zimmerman family, but he’s also the reason there’s been the push to care for the seniors in our community for 50 years. That dedication to success for so long has led to the longevity and prolonged health of seniors in need for 50 years. Chris has kept families together in our community just as well as he’s kept ours together as a business and that’s not only a great feat, but it’s an inspiration to us all.

Thank you for 50 years, and allowing us to be apart of the AEC Living family.