Shardha D. Shares 12 years of Devotion as Resident Care Coordinator at The Inn

Shardha, RN, Resident Care Coordinator and 3rd in command at the Inn, is one of the most dependable employees we have within our company. I’ll tell you it’s not exactly easy looking after the care of 53 residents, and looking after med nurses, LVNs, PCAs and CNAs, as well as fielding all questions from families, pharmacists and doctors that drop in.. but Shardha has been the rock with which the inn has tethered its ship to in many a storm. Counting on Shardha to be at her best at all times is a sure thing, it seems, and we’re glad to have her with us through it all for 12 years and more.

You deserve more than mere appreciation, you deserve our thanks and applause.