Multiethnic middle aged friends exercising together outdoor.

Exercise Benefits for Seniors and Aging Adults

A daily exercise regimen is important for people of any age trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It becomes even more critical as we enter our golden years.  Regular physical activity helps improve mental, cognitive, and physical health and helps delay or prevent many common health issues.  As a result, the risk of diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, obesity, and some cancers can all be reduced. (American College of Sports Medicine – 2009).  Immune function is also improved with exercise. This is an important consideration for seniors who often have compromised immune systems. Furthermore, some studies show that exercise can help improve range of motion and the muscles necessary for bladder control.

We at AEC Living have found exercise to be very helpful in preventing and decreasing the risk of falls.  This is important because older adults are at higher risk for falls, and fall occurrences can derail a senior’s independent lifestyle. Luckily, even just a little bit of regular exercise can help improve both balance and stability.

One of the unique benefits we offer residents of Waters Edge Lodge and Elders Inn is our own in-house therapy and fitness center, AES Therapy and Fitness .

AES Therapy & Fitness is a wellness, rehabilitation, and fitness center that was specially designed with seniors in mind.  It is a Medicare-approved Outpatient Rehabilitation Agency and a fitness center providing wellness and strengthening programs at an affordable cost. 

AEC Living has alomst 50 years of observing a diverse senior population and the challenges presented by aging.  Because of this, our therapy and fitness team is able to offer a broad spectrum of services to seniors in Alameda and the surrounding communities.

Trained exercise specialists help the seniors participating in AES fitness programs. Thanks to this we can help every client reach their personal highest level of independent functioning. AES clients “maintain and regain” the highest degree of fitness and health by attending group classes and/or personal training sessions. Our team of therapists, who specialize in senior health, are on hand to help if circumstances require rehabilitation.

We have made many adjustments to current procedures to comply with the current COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, they include: 

  • Instructors and therapists have increased their cleaning schedule and sanitize after every class and client
  • We reduced group exercise classes from 10 participants to 5
  • Class schedules increased to counterbalance the decrease in number of allowed participants
  • We marked 6-foot distances on the floor to help group exercise participants maintain proper spacing
  • Some classes moved outdoors for more space (and sunshine)
  • The locations of some classes have been shifted so Lodge & Inn residents can participate from their own rooms

Wherever you choose to exercise, the important thing to remember is – do it! Get moving. Check with your doctor before making any big changes, but experience says a little exercise goes a long way.