ElderGrow’s Green Thumb Therapy at the Inn is a Big Hit

We’re always looking at ways to make sure our residents are engaged and feel apart of their community. Our residents in memory care are definitely no exception to the rule and at Elders Inn we’ve started a new project with the help from a gardening therapy company called Eldergrow where residents take time to maintain and look after their own plants.

Educators from Eldergrow teach horticulture classes in the effort to make sure that each resident feels connected to each other socially through each project and class, and remains engaged, cognitively. It was definitely a happy-making event as all residents who were in attendance during the initial set up took time to label, name, feed, and water each plant. In actuality, it’s been a great gift to our residents to proudly exercise their dextrous green thumbs. We feel like the Eldergrow classes will give our memory care residents a reminder to stay present and also track the progress of their plants as they grow and change with our residents; granting them pride, purpose, and sense of place.