Hydration for Health

We’ve all heard that we should be drinking more water but very few of us do anything about it. There are lots of excuses: “I don’t like the taste of water,” “I’d rather be drinking something like coffee or tea or soda,” “I just never think of drinking water,” or even “I don’t want to spend half my like in the bathroom.” But for all the excuses there remain very good reasons for drinking water. Primarily, we are water based creatures; our body is largely composed of water, normally 50-60%. So it only makes sense that our body needs water – and lots of it – to work properly.

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One of the many exciting changes coming up this year is the complete update and revision of our website. A cleaner layout with better colors is on its way! This means we are taking all new pictures (and even filming a couple of short videos!). The shooting is mostly done now, but if you stopped by for a visit this week you may have been able to witness first hand the fun that is working with a professional photography team.

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Come Join Us for National Senior Health and Fitness Day!

Alameda Elder Services, a member of Alameda Elder Communities, is sponsoring Alameda’s 2nd annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day Fair and we would like to invite you to attend. 

For the 21st year, hundreds of thousands of older adults throughout the US will participate in senior specific health and fitness fairs and events,

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