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Senior Safety: Bathroom Safety

June is “Senior Safety Month”. As part of that, we’ll be posting tips for caregivers every week. The video shared below promotes a variety of tools for seniors to maintain their own independence in what has been proven to be a risky place for seniors, the bathroom.
Having a rollator style walker is one thing

Hydration for Health

We’ve all heard that we should be drinking more water but very few of us do anything about it. There are lots of excuses: “I don’t like the taste of water,” “I’d rather be drinking something like coffee or tea or soda,” “I just never think of drinking water,” or even “I don’t want to spend half my like in the bathroom.” But for all the excuses there remain very good reasons for drinking water. Primarily, we are water based creatures; our body is largely composed of water, normally 50-60%. So it only makes sense that our body needs water – and lots of it – to work properly.