One of the many exciting changes coming up this year is the complete update and revision of our website. A cleaner layout with better colors is on its way! This means we are taking all new pictures (and even filming a couple of short videos!). The shooting is mostly done now, but if you stopped by for a visit this week you may have been able to witness first hand the fun that is working with a professional photography team. If these sessions caused you any complications or confusion, we apologize. We hope instead that you had as much fun watching everyone work as we did. It was at times a little hectic, but from the last minute finessing that always accompanies a big event to the actual photographs and video recording on Wednesday and Thursday, it was entertaining and thrilling to witness. Soon you will be able to see the results of all our hard work on the website, but if you’re interested in seeing it sooner, come by for a visit or call and schedule a tour!