Senior Safety: Correct Walker Use

Senior Saftey tips continue as a theme this month and this one comes from the Mayo Clinic.  You see it all the time, at least outside our facilities, seniors walking around pushing their walkers with their entire weight on them hunched over with elbows bent. This makes many think this is the way walkers should be used. It is not; in reality, what may seem like standard practice is far from the truth. A walker should be measured and fitted properly for use. That encourages more walking upright rather than load bearing and complete dependence on the walker.

If used properly, a well-tuned walker can aid in rehabilitation rather than makeup for mobility issues and incorrect walking technique. Think less about using crutches, and more as a way to catch yourself if you should fall. Used effectively, a walker can become a useful tool to regain independence. Used incorrectly, it can be a source of increasing dependency on the walker, be a danger to yourself, as well as present a whole host of other health issues.

Please do click through to check out the slide show on the Mayo Clinic’s Website about how to choose the best walker fit and the proper usage of a walker. Additionally, you may pop into one of our walker clinics that happen at AES Therapy by calling to scheduling a visit with one of our skilled therapists at 510-748-0158.

Stay safe out there!