Caregiver Tip Tuesday : Find Kindred Spririts.

It’s Tuesday again and time for another tip on helping our fellow caregivers and family members who have enlisted themselves caregivers for their loved ones. This one is a simple quick tip from #AARP who state “Marathoners who train together go farther because they root each other on. Joining a support group — in person or online — will help you feel less alone, give you a chance to vent as well as to hear how others are handling similar situations.” And believe it or not, that’s something you can do right now. As there are several social media groups encouraging conversation about how to best care for your loved one.. and if you’re following us already, you’re off to a good start.
Follow a few hashtags on IG, find a group on FB.. Sign into a message board. If you’re down with discord, Reddit, or Linked-in, possibly there’s something there for you as well.
Also don’t be afraid to make real connections with other caregivers who share your experiences.. Take a CNA out for lunch and get to know some tricks of the trade. Share some stories with a coworker. Swap shopping sites where you got some comfy shoes. Ask your Aunt what is was like when taking care of your Grandpa. Give ’em a call, they will be glad to hear from you. <3