Pearl C. Cleans House as Elders Inn’s Go-to housekeeper

2 years, Pearl has been with us and kept that nose to the grindstone, or should we say mop? Having been there to volunteer for some housekeeping shifts in the past, I can safely say it is a really difficult job to maintain a standard at which Pearl has with us at Elders Inn. And by all reports Pearl’s done a fantastic job of it.. No dust bunny is safe, no mirror will be marred with a streak, no toothpaste shall have it’s day to perform on the bathroom stage, as long as Pearl is on the Job. That little satisfying crackle from the vacuum getting that little bit of breadcrust from the toast after the morning’s breakfast is just reward for a days dedicated service.
Congratulations to you on year 2 with Elders Inn. We look forward to you kicking out the cobwebs with us in the years to come.