Barbara D. Puts the D in Delicious in Her First Year as Assistant Cook at The Lodge

Our freshman Assistant Cook Barbara D. completes her first year with AEC Living at The Lodge. Barbara’s experience made her a sought out candidate for the position of Cook at The Lodge early last year. Having worked in a great number of reputable restaurants in the East Bay, she brought her experience to the table and knives to the block and has proven an invaluable connected member of the dietary team at The Lodge. With the addition of her experience and other experienced chefs, such as Chef Eugene, our dietary staff at The Lodge has turned our whole dining experience around. Barbara was one of the first to bring that experience with her and help make the kitchen transition from Healthcare based nutrition to fine dining on a consistent basis while meeting high dietary standards for our residents at The Lodge. Now, we can’t stop hearing about the resident’s rave reviews about the phenomenal food coming out of the kitchen.

Congratulations on your first year with the Lodge Barbara! All the work you do is wonderful..and delish.. and if I have to speak frankly, all this talk about the Lodge Kitchen is making me wish I was taking my staff lunch with you guys today. 🍴