Enoch Sweeps Though His Second Year as Janitor at Waters Edge Lodge

We wanted to take a really special moment to honor one of the best environmental team members we’ve ever had. During this pandemic, Enoch has been an absolute hero cleaning, all day and repeatedly for months. They used to clap for doctors and nurses, but one of the most critical members of that healthcare pandemic protection protocol is the cleaners, the orderlies, the janitors that literally fight the virus 1 v 1 with the greatest personal risk. To watch Enoch work it’s really inspiring, he really does take pride in what he does. The way he attacks the job, it leads you to think that, gosh I could never be that effective at cleaning.  But Enoch is a real professional, it’s just that being a Janitor is just something he really seems to have a knack for and we suppose that what makes him such a great asset to the AEC Living family.

Even though being a janitor seems to be an unnecessarily overlooked profession in the professional world.. we see you, and we sincerely appreciate what you do.