Kris Cleans up After Celebrating His First year as Dishwasher

Kris is a consistent performer. Much of the quiet and silent type but has years of experience at the station of Dishwasher in restaurants and other busy bussing jobs. You could say yeah it’s merely a dishwashing job… but that’s underestimating the fact that there’s something else going on there when it comes to Kris’ work.. Kris’ mojo is centered around the idea that he is nothing short of a perfectionist at the job and you can just tell the results of his hard work are just phenomenal.. you get the feeling the Kris really know his stuff. Kris always takes solemn pride in his work and does it to the best of his ability and is a quiet and very unassuming professional about it. He’s generally the last one to leave the kitchen after cleaning up everything in sight.. If you’ve seen the kitchen at the lodge it’s always clean as a whistle. That’s something that is important not only for the sanity of the morning kitchen crew but for the health of our residents.

Applause to you Kris! you keep it clean so we can focus on the more important things, like serving good healthy and tasty meals for our Residents.