Edna M. Earmarks Her 19th Year as Head Cook at Elders Inn

An Impressive feast, I mean feat.. going at the head cook position for over 19 years. That’s cooking for 50 plus people a day 3 times a day .. adding that up, that’s approximately 14000 meals and Edna has been there for pretty much all of them.. I’m not even sure I’ve seen her take a vacation.. if she has, she’s probably added it to her weekends off [thinking…]. In any case, hard work and dedication are one thing but for Edna it’s really the example of being there as part of the lead dynamic in that kitchen for so long. The kitchen has to operate at Elders Inn fairly independently and has to do so reliably, or else you have either residents who turn up their noses with arms folded, or worse, you have someone who simply cannot eat anything at all because their doctor simply won’t allow it.

Edna’s role in the kitchen is not only as responsible and talented Head Cook but as the one who rallies the family together in the kitchen. Everyone who works in the kitchen feels very close to their work as well as each other because they are all under the supervision of Edna as well as Barbara. If Barbara is the Lead Cook in the kitchen, Edna is the first mate; the one the kitchen staff bonds with and gathers support. She takes her breaks with them, they laugh together, sing the same songs on the radio together and they eat their staff meals together.. -taking mental notes on just what turned out right that day.  For this reason, Edna has been the strong force in the kitchen where all elements and staff in the kitchen gravitate. Without Edna there, things would certainly be amiss and the whole machine wouldn’t feel as close and unified as it does.

Thank you for all your work in the chicken, I mean kitchen, -and thanks for all the fish on Fridays. Here’s to 19 years, and here’s to Edna. :D!!