Chef Taylor Celebrates 1 Year with The Lodge as Kitchen Manager

Ah man, Let’s just talk for a minute about the impact of what Chef Taylor has done for the quality of the food for our residents #1, It’s difficult to be under the constraints of so many dietary restrictions, #2 you have nearly a hundred residents who have had a lifetime’s of experience eating food from all over the world and have very well developed tastebuds, and #3 you have to come up with a serious meal plan based on the stock and trade food of the Hospitality industry. Despite all that, Chef Taylor relishes his job and consistently hits every meal out of the park. I kid you not, his food is simply amazing and he’s always trying something new.. much to the delight of the residents.. but not only that, since staff meals are so cheap, few staff members ever really bring lunch. Whenever I’m over there, Chef Taylor is always talking about a fruit reduction or some poultry with a glaze and some new way of cooking a vegetable you’ve not heard of before and the result is consistently stunning.

If there’s one thing that Chef Taylor has done in the last year, it’s to transition a traditional health conscious senior living dining into a fine dining experience that we’re proud to call one of our best features at AEC Living. Food is such a big part of what we do at AEC Living, its importance for health and recovery as well as palatability is something we never underestimate, and Chef Tayor is a very big part of that success for The Lodge.

I raise my glass! 🍷