Barbara C. Oversees an incredible 37 Years as Head Cook and Dietary Supervisor for AEC Living

A kitchen with a heart and soul is where Barbara shines from day to day for over 35 years, and this year, Barbara marks her 37th year as head cook and Dietary supervisor at The Inn. A long and illustrious career that started in the dietary department at the Waters Edge Nursing home in 1982 led her to the Head Cook and Dietary Specialist at The Lodge for many many years until she moved to take over as the Head Cook at Elders Inn as of 2016. Barbara’s cooking can best be described as home cooking good for your soul and good for you with a keen eye towards the specialized diets of our residents. With the restrictions and limitations based on the needs of our residents, and this is especially so at The Inn, managing a specialized diet for each and every one of our residents can be a challenge, but after 37 years, it’s like second nature to Barbara. As a result, with good food and good care, we’ve seen residents bounce back from eating small portions to full hearty meals and get back on their feet with color in their cheeks. It’s surprising what a little love in your cooking can do!

Here’s to Barbara who is very much part of the tradition and the story of the AEC Living Family.