9/12/2020 Update from the COO

Keeping you up to date with COVID Precautions, Community News, and Upcoming Events

There are still no residents or staff members with symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID-19.

Our risk level remains at ORANGE. Also, we monitor staff and residents daily daily and are taking precautions to limit everyone’s exposure to the virus.

As you are all aware, there are currently several fires in Northern California. Because of this we have closed all windows and set up hepa air purifiers throughout the building to maintain the air quality.

As our salons were moved outdoors, this means all salon appointments have been put on hold until air quality improves. Once the smoke from the fires subside, and the air quality returns to safe levels we will restart our outdoor haircut appointments.

We have are rolled out a new application called LifeLoop which we believe will help keep families connected and informed on whats going on in the community and how their loved ones are doing. Families will be receiving an invitation to create a profile. If you haven’t, please call your facility Administrator.

LifeLoop’s family portal allows families to see what is going on in the community. Each resident has their own profile, and their designated friends and family will also have access.  We update the application regularly with photos from activities and events and a recap of the activities each resident participates in. You also have the ability to add your own photos and send messages to your loved one.

This Sunday is Grandparents Day. We will be celebrating as best and safely as possible with a delivery of ice cream sandwiches and socially distanced activities.