Safe Travels!

Dashing through the snow…

Dashing through the snow doesn’t always seem like the safest route one can take while traveling during the holidays. While this time of year can be a great time to visit with friends and family from both near and far, traveling is not always easy for seniors. Below are a few simple things everyone can do to help make traveling as a senior a little easier, safer, and more comfortable.


5 ways to stay Safe and Healthy while traveling

Health: As a senior, your health is very important and no one ever wants to get sick or injured on vacation. Schedule a checkup with your doctor before any major trip to discuss the activities you plan to do, and get written prescriptions for any medications you may need. Keep your prescriptions in their original containers so that they can be identified properly.

Flying: If you plan on taking a plane, talk with your physician, he or she may be able to provide you with documentation you need in order for you to pre-board the flight and avoid the rush and tumble of pushy passengers in a hurry. Also, if you travel with prescriptions, keep the important ones in your carryon! That way, just in case the airline looses your luggage, you will still have your meds.

Luggage: When shopping for new luggage, look for a sturdy, light, high-quality and transportable piece, preferably one with wheels and a handle. New luggage is being made with 4 wheels that free rotating, which means you can push or pull the luggage and save your elbow, shoulder, and back from some strain.

Financial: Take an extra credit card for emergencies as an added precaution in case the main card you are using gets lost or stolen. Large charges or non-local transactions can cause your account to close temporarily for fraud detection until you verify the charges are legitimate. Notify issuers there maybe heightened card activity in your destination cities before you travel.

Clothing: Comfortable clothing will make travel more comfortable, it also allows blood to circulate more easily during periods of inactivity. Sitting for long periods of time is associated with blood clots, especially for people with poor circulation. So make sure that you check with your doctor to see if compression stockings are appropriate for you. They can stimulate lower leg circulation and may be helpful for some seniors when flying. Always avoid tight socks or stockings.